True Jihad: the story of Emir Abd el-Kader.

True Jihad: the story of Emir Abd el-Kader.
“Reading Commander of the Faithful and writing the essay for the Abdelkader Essay Contest provided a unique opportunity for students in my AP Human Geography class to connect multiple continents, centuries, and cultures with course curriculum as well as a relevant local connection to the origin of a town's name in Iowa.”
 — Mark Rhodes, Social Studies Teacher, Decorah High School

“Even though he lost battles – indeed, even lost the war for freedom from French occupation – Abd el-Kader won a greater and more timeless war. He fought a struggle to capture the world’s hearts and minds, and emerged decisively victorious.”
 — Cole Crawford, Dubuque Iowa

“The Emir’s actions throughout his life showed the true religion of Islam; following the dictates of his faith made him a hero… Abdelkader’s life embodied the words of the Qur’an 5:7, “Let not your hatred of other men turn you away from Justice. Be just…that is closer to piety.”
 — Madi Johansen, Decorah Iowa

“I just finished reading your brilliant biography on Emir Abd al-Kader. It was such an amazing experience for me and perhaps one of the best biographies I have ever read.”
 — Aisha Subhani, Kinza Academy, FLA

I live in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I read about the Urdu translation of your book and I believe that it is an opportune project for our society. We require his message and method as a corrective.
 — Jehanzeb Ali

I absolutely love John W Kiser’s book. I visited your website. It is very nice. I wish Arabs knew of your great efforts. I am an Egyptian writer, have a family and three daughters and have been writing in –why don’t you visit? I am very interested… What a great man.

 — Abdur Rahman

Thanks for your latest article (A Man for our Times) about a model for Muslims and others in America and around the world: Emir Abd al Qadir. Your book Commander of the Faithful: Life and Times of Emir Abdelkader deserves a Nobel Prize.

 — Bob Crane, Rappahannock County, Virginia