Muslims praise Commander of the Faithful.

Received via email

Dear Sir.

My name is Zoubir Aouad and I live in Gothenburg, Sweden. Born in Sweden with parents from Algeria and belonging to the tribe Bani Ouregh (which are named in the book!) I read your book about the Emir some few years ago and I thought it absolutely fantastic.

I want to get involved and spread the word about the Emir to my fellow Swedish countrymen.

I have a naive but honest question; what do you think about someone like me translating the book into Swedish? Is that a possibility or are the legal issues to be dealt before something like that could be discussed.

Have you other ways you see me trying to spread the word further.

Thanks again and many warm salams from Sweden. You helped me reach some of my own heritage, reading about my own tribe for the very first time. I thank you dearly.

Zoubir Aouad, Gothenburg Sweden


Dear Mr. Kiser:

I just finished reading your brilliant biography on Emir Abd al-Kader. It was such an amazing experience for me and perhaps one of the best biographies I have ever read. I was wondering if you would be willing to draft a version of the biography suitable for elementary age children. What a gift for young children to learn of this great hero and champion of the best of human virtues.

Also, has there been any progress on the movie said to be scripted on the biography you penned?

Many thanks again for your spirited work.

Aisha Subhani , Davie FLA

Dear Sir,

As German architect with Algerian roots, I discovered two years ago the spiritual aspect of the great personality who was the Emir Abdelkader. All the years before, he was just a national hero for me.

Now I am collecting all what I can find about this man and my deepest hope is that the world and especially people in Germany become aware of the great worth of what this man was and still is representing for a respectful and peaceful cohabitation of mankind.

It would be a great honor for me if you could give me some advice or send me some lecture or other things which may help me.

Thank you.

Bellhout Andreas Moussa , Nov 10


I live in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I read about the Urdu translation of your book and I believe that it is an opportune project for our society. We require his message and method as a corrective.

Jehanzeb Ali , Oct 10

I absolutely love John W Kiser’s book. I visited your website. It is very nice. I wish Arabs knew of your great efforts. I am an Egyptian writer, have a family and three daughters and have been writing in –why don’t you visit? I am very interested… What a great man.

Abdur Rahman , Oct 1


With the immense success of the book “Commander of the Faithful: Life and times of Emir Abdelkader” and at the request of one of the founder members of the Emir Abdelkader Foundation, section of Oran Mr Sam Menouar, I send you this letter about the possibility of being in contact with him. He wishes to have your personal coordinates.

Rahab Hadil , Sept 12

John Kiser’s book on the Amir, entitled Commander of the Faithful: Life and Times of Amir Abdelkader is an inspiration to all those who are committed to the cause of peace and justice through “true jihad.” We recommend very much that you open your heart and your network to John Kiser and his team in their efforts to promote the legacy of Amir Abdelkader al Jazairy.

Abubaker al Shingeiti , Vice President IIIT to Hamza Yusuf, Zaytuna founder. Sept 7


Thanks for your latest article (A Man for our Times) about a model for Muslims and others in America and around the world: Emir Abd al Qadir. Your book Commander of the Faithful: Life and Times of Emir Abdelkader deserves a Nobel Prize.

Bob Crane (a Catholic convert to Islam and scholar of Islam). Sep 4

It is really refreshing to read what those kids (Iowa, HS student winners of 2011 AbdelKader essay contest) wrote; it is sending a lot of hope for the future. You really are contributing to make our world a better place. Thank you….

Djouar Rachid , sufi AISA organizer of November’s International Abdelkader conference in Montreal. Aug 25


Hello, I am Badri Bacem , 31 years old and don’t be surprised that I am just an IT guy working for BP gas project in the Algerian desert (Amenas Sahara). I like reading in French and Arabic, but I start now in English and Mr John’s will be in my favorite list. I was very surprised to see documentary in Aljazeera about Elkader town… I was preparing a personal Arabic biography of the Emir talking about how people in the world are looking to this hero; now I changed the subject to Elkader village as an example of people respecting other cultures, history and religions. Aug 19

March on Christian soldier, we Muslims will follow you.

Sayyid Sayeed , Islamic Society of North America